PERTH 3MW ATE Ceramic Brake Centre

Are you tired of black and dusty wheels? At PERTH 3MW ATE Ceramic Brake Centre we can supply and fit your vehicle with low dust ceramic brake pads for your BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG) and Porsche.

PERTH 3MW Service Centre is the preferred supplier of ATE Ceramic brakes. ATE are part of the Automotive Group Continental AG, an international company which supplies companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG) and Porsche all original equipment for brake systems, electronics, interior, chassis equipment and tyres.

At PERTH 3MW we are able to test the brake systems quickly and accurately using equipment which is specially designed for brake maintenance. Our Brake Centre not only performs brake repairs, we can satisfy all your vehicle servicing requirements. Contact us for your ceramic brake requirements for your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG) and Porsche.


Ate Ceramic Brake Pads 350 warranty – a 3 year or 50,000km warranty.*

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